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Natalia Stepanova (aka Smikai) is a multimedia artist born in Moscow in 1985, living and working in Geneva, at the Gallery and Edu-creative space Palenque. Natalia has established a constant dialogue between her artistic work and her work as data designer and digital communication consultant at United Nations (UNCTAD).

Originally attracted to drawing, Natalia quickly gravitated towards other media including comics, photography, video and performance.


The starting point for her collective project, Mund (2011), is the human body. The body is captured in action or displayed in its most absurd, poetic and fantasmagoric intimacy, beyond conventions and established codes. Natalia is particularly interested in archetypal figures from Geneva life such as the international officer, the banker, the prostitute, miss bio.  


Her questioning on the body continues through the figure of the “augmented human” in a context of hyper-performance, constant self-evaluation and personal data processing systems. Yet, behind the ideal of the “augmented human”, what remains of our humanity?

For the artist, the answer seems to lie in contemporary rituals, the theme at the heart of projects like Trances (2013) and Energeia (2014). More recently, in Symbo-gestes (2016) her own body and the objective data it generates every day are the source of creative experimentation.



  • Co-founding and Launch of an Edu-creative space - Gallery - Art workspace Palenque at the heart of Geneva (Concorde)

  • Thematic workshops and animations for kids and adults - Debate-Conference on the Human Enhancement and Artificial Intelligence for Fête de la Science.




  • Manage artistic direction for multi-media performance Energeia with Sylvie Pagenaud, Manuel Wandji, Marie-Claire Bevar, Dominique Rey et Joseph Sanou

  • Take part in artistic residency at Théatre de la Comédie, Ferney - Voltaire

  • Create Arts-Form association to promote inter-disciplinary artistic projects


  • "Trances" - collective exhibition in Ressort, Berlin

  • "Lighthaus" Collective exhibition at Funkhaus, Berlin


Manage artistic direction and staging for "Beseke show" with Philippe Ekeke, performed in April 2012 at Esplanade du Lac, Divonne-les-Bains, France .


Collective exhibit "Münd", Centre de photographie, Genève

Produce and direct three short films with Antony Hequet, Aprille Best Glover, Simon Edelstein


Study at HEAD (Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design), Geneva


  • Solo exhibition "Entre deux temps", Centre de l'Espérance, Geneva 

  • Master’s degree in political philosophy, Université Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris 


Art courses at art-studio "Racines" by the french painter Alain Gegout.

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