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Art direction, Geneva

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Once upon a time in Berlin…


Berlin and an artist workshop.

Berlin and the need to reconcile art and work, otherwise it is adieu to Europe.

Friday morning, an artist.

Monday, an employee again.

Friday morning, the fear of lacking inspiration and of the blank page.

Monday - the fear of

not going back.


Berlin 2013

Art as ritual


There was once a ritual.

A ritual like the magic of invoking and releasing art,

A ritual as a weapon to escape imposed rhythms,

A ritual as an attempt to channel, calm, direct, thank and heal.


There was once a ritual,

that become the very heart of my work and research, that led me to produce Symbo-gestes.





BERLIN 2013-2014

In attempting to tackle this vast theme, I become interested in the different ways the body moves - the bestial body of a techno rave party, the entranced ceremonial body, the barely perceivable movements of the Butoh and yogi body, the twisting body of the dervish.


This research gave rise to a series of charcoal drawings (1.50m*2m) and my Symbo-gestes project.




It is fascinating to see what happens when a gesture or movement, however banal, is transformed into a ritual.


It is a moment of complete consciousness, the feeling of identifying with everything that surrounds us. The mind demands that everything makes sense.


Each object used in the performance – the glass that is drunk from, the fabric of the towel that wipes, the brush that strokes the face – is itself a new micro sensation.


Why this glass? Why this towel? What are they made of? Where do they come from? How do they contribute to the action I am carrying out? It is as if each object wants to be relived differently.


These are some of the thoughts and feelings I experienced during my research.

Inspirations of the moment

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.”

Eckhart Tolle, 

Le pouvoir du moment présent

Jour 10


GENEVE, 2015-2016

Rather than asking, “What shall I create?”,

I prefer to consider the question, “What is ready to be created within me?”

Ushio Amagatsu

With no art studio and the intense schedule of an office job, I needed to find the space to express myself and let my body communicate intuitively.


That is how the performance began. Symbo-gestes explores the possibility of an intimate daily ritual and unique language, beyond any aesthetic, sociological and religious framework, as far as the mind allows.

Jour 6


Each morning, before going to work, I daubed my skin with paint and documented the results by taking a photo. Each portrait revealed an “intimate hieroglyphic” and I made careful notes about the feelings it inspired.


My features were thus slowly transformed into calligraphic symbols.

In parallel, i was trying to collect " as much as possible" of my big data. This way the "intimate hieroglyphic" is then confronted to the brut visual representation of my data. An intuitive portrait of inside of me, of my guts, versus another one completely algorithmic.

Jour 7