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Recent technological progresses have made technological modifications of human beings a real possibility. Many “normal traits” may be artificially enhanced. Sooner or latter, individuals will have the possibility to exchange their healthy limbs and organs for better artificial ones and transplantations of human brains into artificial carriers are already under study.


Therefore, socio-ethical issues related to human enhancement have started to be seriously considered by scholars around the world. While such a technological kind of revolution concerns the society as a whole, debates addressing the socio-ethical issues related to human enhancement have mainly been restricted to academics. Lay people are largely unaware of the discussions. That is the objective of this book to inform lay people of the already existing and potential future possibilities to enhance humans through emerging technologies as well as the socio-ethical issues that are already raised by such technological modifications. 


This book constitutes a first step to encourage democratic and interdisciplinary involvement and discussion about some of the socio-ethical issues related to the technological modifications of human beings. 










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